Serbian Project Management Association

 Serbian Project Management Association

Serbian Project Management Association



gathers individuals and companies in the field of Project Management.

Stephen R. Covey

Stephen R. Covey

"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is learning is leaning against the right wall. "

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Serbian Project Management Association (YUPMA) was established on December 26th , 1995. The association YUPMA was founded by corporations and individuals persons interested in development of management. The association works and pursues its activities on the territory of Republic of Serbia.

YUPMA is a professional, self-imposed, independent, non-party association of citizens. The Association organizes, promotes and helps the professional activities of its members with an aim of advancing their work and professional knowledge. At the same time its activities contribute to the national and international promotion and further development of Project Management. YUPMA maintaing business contacts with people of the same profession from all over the world.

 The bodies of the Association are the Assembly, the Chairman of the Association, the Managing Board, the Secretary General and the Watchdog Committee. The Assembly is the highest autority of the Association, which includes all the individual members of the Association, as well as two or three representatives of all the collective members. The work of the Assembly is open to public.

Programme objectives and goals

The programme objectives of the Association are aimed at satisfying common and individual needs and interests of its members. They are realized through the following activities

  •     Bringing its members and other interested parts together so that they can get know each other, exchanging ideas and experience;
  •     YUPMA actively promotes project management to business and organiyations. In order to increase the recognition of the profession, we certify project managers accordingly to IPMA® standards and regulations.
  •     organizing professional and scientific conferences, either on its own or jointly with other organizations;
  •     publishing professional and scientific publications and reviews or participating in their publishing;
  •     supporting its members in their further professional training and scientific study, organizing and pursuing suitable forms of continuing education;
  •     initializing and supporting professional advancement, engaging in scientific-research projects and studies and providing professional expertise for them;
  •     stimulating different forms of international cooperation in the field of Project Management and taking an active part in it;
  •     following the latest development of project management in the country and abroad, informing about it, pointing to the trends and changes in this field and recommending the appropriate methodology and standards in these fields;
  •     popularizing Project Management and marketing presentations in this field. 


In order to accomplish these aims, the Association place special emphasis on:

  •     certification
  •     education;
  •     organization of courses, seminars and symposia;
  •     providing services concerning research and development to production industries;
  •     engineering;
  •     organizing fairs and exhibitions;
  •     publishing;
  •     publishing and mass-media sector;
  •     special forms of services.


The Associations assembles experts on Project Management and other related disciplines employed in industries, at universities, scientific - research institutes, transport, informative, tourist and trade organizations, electric power industry, state administration, the army and other institutions and trades.

The association brings together individual and collective members engaged on Project Management and the related fields.

  •     Individuals memebers join the Association individually, of their free well, by signing an application form: thus they accept the Statute and other documents of the Association.
  •     Organizations or parts of organizations engaged in or displaying interest in Project Management can join the Association as collective members.

 The Association can have honoray and meritorious members.

  •     Honorary members can be awarded to the individual and collective members of the Association, as well as individuals and organizations that have provided much support to the work of the Association.
  •     Individual members who have distinguished themselves by their work and who have greatly contributed to the work and actions of the Association can become meritorious memeber

National and international relationships

Serbian Project Management Association actively participates in educational, industry and social projects in Serbia. YUPMA has established good relationship with many Serbian companies, universities and government agencies. Most of leading companies and faculties are members of YUPMA.

From 1997. Project Management Association of Serbia (YUPMA) become full member in IPMA® - International Project Management Association. Beside continually cooperation and participation in work of IPMA® board, YUPMA cooperate with other project management associations which it make agreements about cooperation or mutual promise about common work and exchange knowledge and experience.

 YUPMA - IPMA® certification system

 On the basis of IPMA® certification program, Serbian Certification Body conducts the Four-Level Certification Programme:

  •     Certificated Project Director - IPMA level A®
  •     Certificated Senior Project Manager - IPMA level B®
  •     Certified Project Manager - IPMA level C®
  •     Certified Project Manager Assistant - IPMA level D®